Coffee And Doughnut Ice Cream Sandwiches

29 05 2012

Food Network Magazine had some fun spins on the classic ice cream sandwich, including these coffee and doughnut beauties! I brought these to a Memorial Day cookout for dessert on a hot day and they were a BIG hit….super easy and super cool!

Coffee And Doughnut Ice Cream Sandwiches

  • Chocolate-covered doughnuts (they used mini doughnuts, I recommend using Etenmann’s classic though)
  • Coffee ice cream
  • To build: split chocolate-covered doughnuts in half crosswise. Sandwich with coffee ice cream, arranging small spoonfuls on the doughnut ring keeping the hole empty.

A few tips from both Food Network Mag and This Girl:

  • Chill the doughnuts in the fridge before splitting in half, makes for an easier cut.
  • After you split the doughnuts, freeze them for an hour or two before assembling.
  • Use firm ice cream, not softened.
  • Scrape the ice cream instead of scooping.
  • After assembling, freeze sandwiches at least 1 hour before serving.



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