Fresh From This Girl’s Garden

11 07 2011

Tonight’s meal was all about the delicious looking tomatoes and lemon basil picked fresh from This Girl’s garden! And let me just say, I’ll take a fresh salad with vino and bread for dinner any day!

Fresh from This Girl's garden... the dinner plate!

This Girl’s take on the traditional Caprese Salad with ingredients on hand (could be served for dinner with bread, as a side dish or a starter):

  • 1 medium size tomato, sliced into rounds
  • Red onion, sliced
  • Cucumbers, sliced into rounds
  • Fontinella cheese , sliced
  • Lemon basil, chopped in ribbons
  • Basil olive oil, a decent drizzle over everything
  • Red wine vinegar, a splash
  • Kosher salt, a generous sprinkling
  • Pepper, as much as you like
  • Serve with vino and toasted garlic bread to soak up all the great juices!

I’m a visual person by nature, so it’s no surprise I like my food to be visually appealing! So my advice here is to use simple and fresh ingredients. Use as much of each ingredient as you want, building into something visually enticing to you!

I started with the cucumber and tomato, next topped with slices of cheese and red onion and finally with ribbons of basil. You’ll want a generous sprinkling of salt and pepper over everything, along with olive oil (the basil flavored is delicious!). The salad would be great if you stopped here, but for one extra layer of flavor – a splash of red wine vinegar. I’m lucky to have the homemade kind that’s strong enough to put hair on your chest (just the way I like it…the vinegar that is!)!




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