Grilled Pizza

10 07 2011

Grilling pizza is a great alternative to your normal cookout of burgers and dogs! This weekend we enjoyed these beauties over Alex’s rents. His mom made the dough from scratch, which is great when you are just laying by the pool and time doesn’t matter! But I’m guessing most of us don’t have 2 hours to wait for dough to rise. Enter pre-made pizza dough!

Make the dough into personal size portions and grill (depending on your grill you may want to lightly brush the dough with a little oil so nothing sticks). Once you have good grill marks on the first side, flip and add your sauce. Use whatever you’d like – we used marinara, but  garlic olive oil or BBQ sauce would be fabulous too! Next add your toppings and cheese – we had a great veggie combination along with pepperoni. Now that you have all your toppings on, just wait for the second side to get nice grill marks, for your toppings to get hot and the cheese to melt. Then enjoy!

Getting good grill marks

Topping off!





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