Easy as…Whoppie Pie!

20 06 2011

I enjoy finding easy, go-to sweet treats. Especially in the summer when you’re always looking for new dishes to bring to parties but you might not have all day to make something! This little treat was a huge success at my latest party and it literally took minutes!

The recipe called for soft chocolate cookies, but I couldn’t find those so I improvised with soft Keebler chocolate chip cookies. Simply take equal parts of Marshmallow Creme and crunchy peanut butter – folding the Marshmallow Creme into the PB until it looks marbled. Sandwich a dollop between the inside of two cookies and enjoy! You don’t even have to refrigerate 🙂

Quantity tip:  I used about a jar and a half (7 oz each) of the Marshmallow Creme and 4 packages of cookies with a large jar of peanut butter I already had on hand. This made over 50 whoppie pies.

Mini Whoopie Pies




One response

21 06 2011

Those cookie whoopies were tasty!


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